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Alcohol and fire

Every year the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service attends a large number of alcohol related fires. Most of these fires start because people are cooking or smoking whilst under the influence of drink.

A person who has been drinking is less likely to be aware if a fire takes hold, particularly if they do not have working smoke alarms. People under the influence of alcohol are also more likely to feel disorientated if fire breaks out, making it more difficult for them to escape. Don’t fuel fire with alcohol - it only takes one act of carelessness when smoking or cooking to result in someone losing their home, their possessions or, ultimately, their life.

Alcohol and fire

Smoke Alarms

Having working smoke alarms is the single most important step you can take to ensuring you and your family are safe from fire. You should also consider fitting a heat alarm in your kitchen. If fire breaks out in your home, early detection and warning could save your life, especially at night when you’ll be asleep and slow to react.

If you don’t have smoke alarms, get them now - test them weekly and never remove the batteries. For help and advice on the safe use of smoke alarms, arrange a free home fire safety visit from our firefighters. They’ll tell you how to keep safe and will even fit alarms for you free of charge.

Smoke Alarms

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Every hour of every day there’s a house fire somewhere in Scotland. You can help reduce the chances of this happening to you by booking a home fire safety visit. They're free and easy to arrange so book your visit today!

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